5 simple steps to getting a Clearer face with your home facials

I understand that professional facials can be expensive. The good part is that it’s possible to get a clearer face with your home facials without breaking a leg.

The great part is that you can even get a clearer skin with your home facials if you do the right steps correctly with the right products for your skin type.

Home facials can be done 1-3 times a week and it’s best done at night so that the products can work well in the skin while you sleep.

Step 1: Wash

This step is very important in our skincare routine as it helps Continue reading “5 simple steps to getting a Clearer face with your home facials”

3 Most Effective Ways to get rid of sunburn fast at home

How do you get rid of sunburn Fast at home?

The first step is identifying what caused it. That way you will know how to prevent it from coming again.

Were you using your lightening cream during the day?

Lightening creams are best suited to be used at night because that’s when your skin absorbs the most.

Were you going out without a sunscreen?

Please, before stepping out in the sun, wear a sunscreen so as to reduce the risk of having skin cancer in the future. I always recommend the  Continue reading “3 Most Effective Ways to get rid of sunburn fast at home”

Splurge or Save: Scrubs and Exfoilators

Should you splurge or save on scrubs and exfoliators?

“I have a rough face!!”
“Help! I have acne!!”
“I have dark spots!!”
Have you ever thought of the process that must have caused that on your skin? Acne occurs when the pores are blocked with dead skin, oil, and even bacteria. While dark spots can be as a result of excess production of melanin on the skin,

Why do you need to Exfoliate?

The outer layer of our skin has a lot of dead skin cells.  Exfoliating helps to remove Continue reading “Splurge or Save: Scrubs and Exfoilators”

How to start a Money making Beauty Blog in 3 Days

So you want to start a beauty blog?

You love everything beauty, you’ve probably watched 100’s of beauty tutorials on YouTube and can even narrate the life stories of top beauty bloggers. You’ve bought a lot of makeup products because they’ve recommended it and even wore so damn good. You so much believe beauty is your calling and you want to take it online…. But

You don’t know how to plus

You’re scared if you’d fail at it

You’re thinking this whole blogging thing won’t work

Or maybe you want to share what has worked for you in your skincare

You’ve been looking for permission…..

Permission to chase after your dreams and start your own beauty business.

Well, This is it. Continue reading “How to start a Money making Beauty Blog in 3 Days”

Facebook Ads Strategies to grow your Makeup Business

Please note!! This is a 2000-word Valuable and Actionable post. 

This is the 2nd part of my previous post, you can check it out here.

I remember running my first ad, and I did the same thing every other Facebook marketing Otondo (Otondo- new in town) did. I clicked the “boost post” button and then Facebook rejected my ad simply because I used the word “acne”.

Changed the images couple of times, change some text and voila it was up.

Then I waited…

I waited to see how many clicked the website link to sign up.

A small number did and that made me discouraged so I stopped the ad.

The second time I ran an ad, it went up easily.

A little more people than the previous clicked through but few sign up.

More tears and discouragement, I turned off the ad and gave up on the idea of Facebook ads for a while.

I decided to go back to my drawing board to find out Continue reading “Facebook Ads Strategies to grow your Makeup Business”

Splurge or Save: Face washes

Should you splurge or save on face washes? If you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of abandoned beauty products in a drawer. Well, it’s all part of the process on your journey to a clearer skin.

Every day, I get messages such as…

“What products can I use THAT WILL HELP ME CLEAR MY FACE?

Even though these are good questions…

I believe they’ve been a lot of 3-day fast action magic face cream going about that have been people believe skincare is supposed to be so.


Your skin care is a lifetime continuous process.

You don’t stop having your bath simply because you’ve found a magic body wash that will make you clean forever.

Skincare involves KNOWING YOUR Continue reading “Splurge or Save: Face washes”

Are light skinned women more attractive than dark skinned women?

Some years ago, I went for an audition. I thought I was the perfect fit for the role they wanted. I had the height (5ft 10 inches), shape and smile. They still picked the Light skinned girls.

I was angry, really angry. I started feeling like the odds were against me. Most of the auditions I was always this close to being picked.

This plague is everywhere.

-On musical videos

-TV adverts

-And they even get more likes on Instagram.

They pick the light skinned women.

Eventually, I started looking for creams that would Continue reading “Are light skinned women more attractive than dark skinned women?”

How to attract customers to buy your Makeup products on Facebook

Still struggling to attract customers to buy your makeup products?

You’ve probably been getting unlikely responses from customers such as:

“It’s too expensive”

“I can get it cheaper somewhere else”

“When next are you doing sales?”

“How much last?”

I remember when I started selling makeup products some years back in Unilag (University of Lagos).

I wasn’t a flashy girl but I knew exactly who would want the makeup products I was selling.

So, I figured that I had to make friends with makeup artists and the ‘flashy girls’ in my hostel if I wanted to  Continue reading “How to attract customers to buy your Makeup products on Facebook”

3 Major reasons why you fail to launch your Beauty Brand online

You probably have this big dream or an idea. You’ve always wanted to launch your beauty brand.

What’s left is for you to take some form of action to kick off that idea.

Maybe you’re afraid or you feel it isn’t time. There will never be a perfect time to start that business.

Are you still praying and asking God for a bigger idea or business deal to drop from heaven to your laps?

Do you feel you need to have a lot of money Continue reading “3 Major reasons why you fail to launch your Beauty Brand online”