How to start a Money making Beauty Blog in 3 Days

So you want to start a beauty blog?

You love everything beauty, you’ve probably watched 100’s of beauty tutorials on YouTube and can even narrate the life stories of top beauty bloggers. You’ve bought a lot of makeup products because they’ve recommended it and even wore so damn good. You so much believe beauty is your calling and you want to take it online…. But

You don’t know how to plus

You’re scared if you’d fail at it

You’re thinking this whole blogging thing won’t work

Or maybe you want to share what has worked for you in your skincare

You’ve been looking for permission…..

Permission to chase after your dreams and start your own beauty business.

Well, This is it. Continue reading “How to start a Money making Beauty Blog in 3 Days”

Facebook Ads Strategies to grow your Makeup Business

Please note!! This is a 2000-word Valuable and Actionable post. 

This is the 2nd part of my previous post, you can check it out here.

I remember running my first ad, and I did the same thing every other Facebook marketing Otondo (Otondo- new in town) did. I clicked the “boost post” button and then Facebook rejected my ad simply because I used the word “acne”.

Changed the images couple of times, change some text and voila it was up.

Then I waited…

I waited to see how many clicked the website link to sign up.

A small number did and that made me discouraged so I stopped the ad.

The second time I ran an ad, it went up easily.

A little more people than the previous clicked through but few sign up.

More tears and discouragement, I turned off the ad and gave up on the idea of Facebook ads for a while.

I decided to go back to my drawing board to find out Continue reading “Facebook Ads Strategies to grow your Makeup Business”